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New Design is ready! Sugar Skull Totoro!
My Neighbor Totoro was the first Miyazaki movie I ever saw. To this day it’s still one of my favorites. It’s hard to even pick a favorite Miyazaki film. I had a lot of fun working on this design. It took a very long time to finish, but I really like how it turned out. 
Prints AND Shirts are available on my Society6 Store.
I wanted to send out Christmas cards to my friends and family this year. But I always wanted to get a little nerdy with it and design it myself, rather than a picture of me and my cat. So, since it’s starting to get Hoth cold outside, I thought I’d make that the focus of the design.
Happy Holidays from Hoth!
Prints available here!
Random Oktoberfest design I’ve been working on. It’s more of a style and texture test I’ve been playing around with.
Happy Oktoberfest, internet!
World of Warcraft inspired print!
I’ve always been amazed by the landscapes and environments in WoW, so I figured I’d do a design inspired by the game I’ve been playing for 7 years. The Jade Forest has been one of my favorite locations in the recent expansion, so I figured I’d start there.
More to come. If you have a suggestion for a location, let me know!
Purchase it here.
Yet another design in the “Nerd Cameo” line.
Minimalist nerd cameo of Shaun of the Dead! (Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” is playing in your head right now)
Buy a print today!
Another design in the “Nerd Cameo” line. Legend of Zelda!
Purchase it here!
Star Wars “I Love You” Cameo. It would look great in any Star Wars fan’s household!
New print made up from my “Beautiful Forever” tattoo design done for Light Grey Art Labs.
Purchase it here!
Light Grey Art Lab’s newest Gallery, Station Zero is this Friday. And I have artwork in it!!! Which is shown here. 
I was really excited about this show. I had been doing a lot of my own (for fun) book cover redesign work lately. So when this gallery came about, I was really hoping to get in! It was a lot of fun to work on. It was a very interesting book to read. I’m really happy how it turned out. I am even more thrilled to be part of a gallery with so many fantastic artists and illustrators. I can’t wait to see them in person this Friday.
You can see the other artist’s amazing work here:
For those that care, here are my rejected ideas for the "Put Your Back Into It" gallery for Light Grey Art Labs.I had a blast working on the project. I tried a few other ideas and quickly abandoned them for a better idea. As you can see, I eventually found a direction I wanted to go and did some tweaking to get to the final design.
You can see the final art here along with everyone else’s amazing submissions. Also, purchase it, if you’d like.
I was recently accepted to do another piece for the awesome Light Gray Art Lab. This gallery is called, “You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It!" The idea behind it is to make a typography poster based around some words of encouragement. Like that "Hang In There" poster.
My words of encouragement came from the montage music in The Karate Kid, "You’re The Best Around" by Joe Esposito. I always thought this was a great motivational song. Even if you’re doing something mundane like cleaning your room, brushing your teeth, or going to the bathroom. You’re the best! It’s 80s’ music at it’s best.
You can check out all of the artists work here.
Or purchase here.
And remember, always sweep the leg.
Wedding invitation I was commissioned to do. They wanted vintage, western, and typography.
I will have a picture of the finals up when they are printed.
I made a temporary tattoo design for Light Grey Art Lab’s Beautiful Forever exhibition! It was a benefit show for a local Uptown Tattoo artist, Tom Storm. He hurt his back in a bike accident, so 40 artists were asked to design some temporary tattoos to raise money. It’s now available for purchase for just $10! TEMPORARY TATTOOS! They turned out great.
Like most of my work, these are just as nerdy as the rest. These are cameos of a few of my “firsts”. First video game I ever got hooked on. The first zombie movie I ever really liked and got me to cut horror movies some slack. They were pretty predictable. And the obvious Star Wars reference at the end.
I had a lot of fun making these and I was more than honored Light Grey Art Labs asked me to help out and be a part of the show.
The show opening was last Friday (3/23) but all of the artwork is up until April 12th. You can check it all out here. I had a lot of fun at the show checking out everyone’s artwork and saying hello to the nice Art Lab people. I hope to do it again some day.
I will have individual prints for these up soon.
Don’t You (Forget About Me) Series - Boba Fett.I had a random thought about The Breakfast Club this evening. Then immediately after, thought of Boba Fett. I couldn’t stop giggling about it, so I made a design. I’d like to do a series of designs and prints about a few characters in fiction (movies, video games, etc.) that should never be forgotten.
Metroid mosaic design.
If movies were made as Penguin Books.
The Fifth Element.
Available for purchase here!